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On our last blog post, we looked into the different types of loft and the benefits they offer to your driving game. Since we constantly want to give you the most useful information possible to better your game, we sat down we our in-house expert to pick his brain. Our in-house expert, Vincent Raymond, was a pro for many years on the local circuit and knows a thing or two when it comes to picking the right club. The following will detail Raymond recommendations for the different type of players out there.


First off, we’ll examine his recommendations for players that he considers beginner. In his eyes, a beginner is simply a player who is mostly a part-time that will pickup his clubs about 4-5 times a year. With this in mind, it becomes quite easier to figure what clubs would be best suited for a player of that caliber. 

Obviously, the beginner golfer does not need the most expensive or the most recent club technology out there. This is why we suggest to beginner golfer to look for more entry-level type of club. These clubs usually come in at a much lower price point than any other models from the same brand and are made out of lower grade of technology. Despite the inferior technology, this type of club will always give you the most bang for your buck.

For this particular type of clubs, our expert recommends the following clubs: Callaway XR Speed, Cleveland Launcher HB, TaylorMade Aeroburner HL, Cobra F-Max Offset

The common denominator for all these clubs is the ease to hit them. The weight balance in the head of these driver is designed in a manner to make it easier for golfers to get the ball in the air off the tee. The easy hitting tendency of these clubs mixed with their lower price point, make them the perfect club for beginner golfers.


Then, we move on to the versatile type of drivers. These clubs are a step above in terms of quality. The drivers in this category have a clear edge on the ones proposed in the beginner section. The clubs in this category will be suited to any and every golfer out there as they are designed to offer a greater capacity for forgiveness on shots that wouldn’t be perfectly squared at the time of impact.

The versatile drivers are usually equipped with the top of the line material from the biggest manufacturers in the market. These clubs obviously carry a steeper price point, but for more dedicated golfers, it could be a worthwhile long term investment. 

Our expert recommends the following clubs for golfers who feel like they fit in this category: Callaway Rogue, Cobra King F8, Srixon Z-565, TaylorMade M4, Titleist 917D2. All these drivers are paired up with a counterpart made out of the same quality of product, but they carry different attributes. The most important detail to remember for the clubs listed just above is their tendency for forgiveness. If you are an experienced and passionate golfer, but tend to have consistency issues off the tee, we suggest that you take a careful at the above clubs.


Finally, the last category of drivers, the advanced drivers, are usually very similar in style to the drivers from the versatile category. The biggest difference between the two is the feel for the ball. All versatile drivers are equipped with a 460cc club head which allows for more forgiveness. At the other end of the spectrum, the advanced drivers usually have a smaller club head which usually stands in the 430cc to 445cc range. The smaller club head makes for a better feel for the ball while allowing you to gain in distance off the tee. However, it is important to remember that the perks of the advanced driver can also become their biggest hurdle. 

The fact is that most advanced drivers will allow the players to change the weight distribution in the head of the club to fit the player’s driving style. Although, it is easier to fix certain hooking and slicing tendencies with the weight distribution, problems such as ball flight distance loss can occur if the player’s swing speed is not adequate for such a club. As the name suggests, the advanced clubs are usually targeted to advanced players that are dedicated to perfecting their game while being able to invest in the best products out there.

For this category, we suggest the following drivers: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero, Cobra King F8+, Srixon Z-765, TaylorMade M3, Titleist 917D3. As their names suggests, these clubs are very similar in look to their versatile model counterpart. But as explained in the lines above, they may look similar, but they couldn’t be more different to the feel.

We hope these suggestions and tips help you out in your future research for the perfect driver. If you anymore tips regarding the appropriate loft, we suggest you take a look at our previous blog post where we looked at the different types of driver loft.

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