Cut strokes off your game? Use the right wedges.

Wanna cut strokes off your game? The short game is where you’re most likely to cut a bunch of them. However you need the right tools to do so. Too many of you out there still have the same wedges as you did 4 years ago. No wonder why the ball doesn’t spin or comes off dead from eighty yards out.

Buying from premium brands and the latest models is one thing but that’s not what will make you play better. What’ll help is having the right specifications on these clubs. Ever heard a bunch of pros talking about bounce and lofts while chipping a few balls at the country club? Make no mistake, they’re not trying to look like they know a lot or impress each other. That stuff really does matter.

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First of all bounce is relative to every golfer. Some of you chunkers out there who dig out about an acre each round need a much higher bounce than the Steve Stricker’s of this world who barely cut a blade of grass when they strike the ball. Not only will it help you to be more consistent on every shot but you’re also less likely to be hated by the club’s superintendent.

Lofts are also underrated, golfers might have a pitching wedge and then a lob wedge in the bag. That’s a 14 degrees gap in between both these clubs. It’s as if you went from a driver to a 4 iron in the bag without carrying any fairway woods or hybrids. Now what do you do when you have this 85-yard shot over water? The lob wedge certainly won’t get there and the pitching wedge has a relatively good chance of flying the green and say goodbye to that brand new pro-v1 you just got at the pro-shop.

The grooves on the face are there to produce spin and offer distance control from most lies. For those of you who don’t wash them or don’t mind the rust on them, you should probably think of taking good care of the grooves. Once they’re worn out, don’t expect to have the same distance control and spin on various shots, as they will come out inconsistent and unpredictable.

The Takeaway: The wedge game is where you’re most likely to cut strokes off your game, make sure you take good care of your wedges and if it’s too late, getting newer ones should strongly be considered if you’re looking to improve your game.


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