Why buying used will improve your game

Managing your golf budget is clearly an underestimated tool when it comes to improving your game. How can choosing where to spend your money properly possibly help you lower your scores? It’s actually pretty simple, buy used golf clubs. It will allow you to spend more money towards lessons, swing aids and will make the game a lot more enjoyable.


Yes, purchasing new clubs is fun, you bring them to the course and show them off to impress your buddies. Everybody has done that in the past. They are, however way too expensive on top of them losing a lot of value as soon as the plastic has been taken off. The price of a golf club is obviously relative to everyone but no one likes to pay more than they should.  Why would a golfer spend a huge amount for a driver when it can be found at less than half the price in barely used condition? They shouldn’t.


First of all, you have to know specifically what you need to buy. I’m talking about finding the right shafts, the right lofts and head shapes. Then, finding the proper clubs based on your needs is very simple. Not only do you get to save money, but you get to try different clubs before finding the right one, thanks to the various warranties offered.


Now the money that will be saved buying used clubs can be spent wisely, in order to improve your game. Golf lessons are very ‘’cliché’’ but they shouldn’t be. Identifying what you’re doing wrong is one thing, being able to fix it is another thing. You need someone to do both and give you tips not to get back to your old habits. There are also many tools that can be used in order to fix swing problems. I’m thinking about swing plane monitors, putting alignment aids and a lot more.

The takeaway: Spend your money wisely, golf related. Don’t buy unnecessary new golf equipment because it looks good or because commercials tells you to. Know what you need, get what you need second hand and use the savings to make you a better golfer. Believe me, golf will be a lot more fun if you follow this advice.