All you need to know about drivers

When thinking about golf, most will picture a PGA colossus like Brooks Keopka smashing a ball off the tee box. Keopka is well known for bombing out 300+ yards drives off the tee. However, Keopka could be trying as hard as he can to reach that target, but without a driver, he could never do so. Some will opt for a more conservative approach off the tee, prefering to use a fairway wood, hybrid, an used iron or even a wedge. All of these options are suitable choices and will most likely deliver a more accurate result. But, when well played, the driver has no match when it comes to distance off the tee.

In order to get the most distance out of your new or pre-owned driver, it is essential to know how it works and how to make the most out of it. Here, we will look at the different loft that you can use for your driver and how each of them will affect your play.



The High Launch (or High Trajectory)

As the name says, this type of driver is designed to help your ball get high off the ground. The designation High Launch (HL) or High Trajectory (HT) is often attributed to any driver loft that sits above 12°. This is simply because drivers with an adjustable loft can most often only go up to 12°. A HL or HT driver is often recommended for beginners that are still struggling a little. The high loft will make it easier for them to get the ball off the tee and will also allow for a better result in distance despite a slow swing speed. Experienced players might also benefit from a better ball flight with such a high loft, but this might come at a lost in distance because of the higher ball flight. Golf brands such as TaylorMade and Cobra have understood the need and demand for such clubs attributes and have already catered to it with the release of HL and HT drivers.

The Mid Loft

This is the most common loft used by amateur golfers all over the globe. It usually ranges from 8.5° and 12°. Most retail drivers will be sold with a loft that sits between those numbers. Compared to the HL and HT drivers, the mid loft will offer a gain in distance but an obvious loss in ball flight. As long as your driving technique is relatively solid, you should be able to pick up one of these clubs without any problem whatsoever. The greatest perk of a mid loft driver is usually the fact that a player will be able to benefit from an adjustable loft. Most new drivers currently will feature the adjustable loft technology. The adjustment is usually located where the bottom of the shaft and the heel of the club head meet. A couple turns with the adjustment tool and you're ready to use a brand new loft on your next drive. A driver with an adjustable loft is the perfect tool for any golfer looking to improve their driving game.

The Low Loft 

Any loft that is in the 8° or lower range is usually considered a low loft driver. As for the other lofts, the name is quite evident as far as the ball flight is concerned. Getting a ball in the air off the tee with a loft of 8° or lower is a very difficult task. Some exceptional amateur players with a quick swing speed will be able to benefit from the greater distance that comes from the lower ball trajectory. The benefits of hitting that low of a loft are definitely worth working for over hours of practice. However, trying to hit a low loft with anything whippier than a stiff shaft will be a serious challenge as the swing speed necessary to hit a low loft cannot be handled by a regular, senior, or even ladies shaft. 

It is important to keep in mind that the swing speed of the player will play an important role in the decision of a driver’s loft. Long-range drivers, who typically have some of the fastest swing speed in the world, will tend to use a loft as low as 3°. 

Finally, the lower the loft does not mean the better golfer. Some players are simply better at hitting their driver of the tee than others. All that matters is finding the loft you are most comfortable with while having consistency from the impact.

If by now, you have a better idea of what loft is best for you, why wait to finally get your best fitting driver here?

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