Top 5 reasons why Fall is the best season to find golf's best deals

1- It's your old clubs' fault!


Spent all year in the sand, but didn’t get anywhere near a beach? Fall is the best time of year to change things up and come out with a fresh new look next Spring.



2- Golf should be a year-long sport!


Why wait until the summer to start fresh? Pick up your new clubs this fall and you’ll have all winter to perfect your new and improved game.


3- Wait for it... timing is everything


Fall is new model season in the world of golf and as the new 2018 models roll out, now is the perfect time to pick up that ‘15,’16 or ‘17 club you’ve had your eyes on, for up to half the price!


4- Spend your money wisely


Love to save? While your friends are out dropping top dollar on 2018’s newest models, now is the time to slide in and save on all of golf’s top brands ‘16 and ‘17 model year clubs. They may have spent more, but they’ll have their pockets turned out when the drink cart comes ‘round next spring.


5- "'Tis the season to be jolly"


Got a golfer in your life that’s still playing clubs from the last century? Looking to upgrade your own set and see what modern innovation has to offer? Black Friday is THE best day of the year to get into golf’s most innovative model clubs. Give yourself the tools of a Masters champ at municipal tourney prices!